Lesson Plans Monday, August 20, 2012

John Whitman
August 20, 2012

Straight Punches
360 - include off angles, but ONLY live side! In other words, an attacker coming from the defender's left side should only attack with his right arm; an attacker coming from the defender's left should only attack with his right arm; this avoids the issue of dead side defenses and counters, which can complicate your lesson.
360 with counters (from level 2); include knees, etc.
Choke from Behind (review from last week)
Barrier Drill: for this drill, you need 2 attacker, one pad holder, and 6-8 people creating a barrier. Have several students hold large shields; they should stand in two columns, three or four rows deep. The first defender is attacked by another attacker with a 360 attack. He must defend and counterattack, and then push his way through the barrier. At the other end, there is a pad holder waiting. The defender must punch non-stop. Another attacker makes choke from behind.
SAFETY ISSUE! Tell the people in the barrier not to offer too much resistance. Tell the defender he must keep his arms down to avoid putting his fingers and elbows into other people's faces.

THAI PADS - combinations 1-4
Sparring: attacker makes combination 1, partner defends; attacker makes combination 2, partner defends, etc. Work each combination several times before switching.
Sparring: defend combinations 1-4 in random order
Sparring - slow fighting, 2 rounds per partner, then switch partners

Thai clinch
Spinning on the centerline/trading places
2 v 1 movement (slow)
Sparring - several rounds
Sparring - 2 v 1

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