Lesson Plans Monday, August 11, 2014

John Whitman
August 11, 2014


Fight Stance and Movement

Straight Punches moving forward

Straight Punches moving backward

Advancing Straight Punch

Inside Defenses

Ground - Side Position and movement

Ground - Side Kick

Ground - Get Up

Drill: attacker makes slow straight punches; defender defends; on the instructor's command, the defender drops down into Side Position and moves, while the partner picks up a pad; on instructor command, the defender gives a side kick to the pad, gets up and punches a pad until the instructor calls time; then continues making Inside Defenses. NOTE: the partner must be ready to pick up the pad and then put it down to make punches for Inside Defenses



Warm Up Straight Punches, Elbows, Headbutts

Drill: Tabata Striking (20 seconds, 10 second rest) for 8 rounds

Defensive Front Kick

Drill: groups of 3; punch one target; when the second attacker approaches from an angle, make a Defensive Front Kick and then continue striking the first pad

Ground: Kick Off from Guard

Ground: Arm Bar from Guard

Ground: Defense v. Arm Bar (if you know it; it not don't worry, we are putting it on video for you soon!)

Drill: attacker in guard, makes punches; control attacker with guard, then either kick off or make arm bar


Drill: ground and pound drill; sprint to the other end of the room and come back

Mouth of Hand Punch

Mouth of Hand Punch - variation, use at a long-distance hook

Sweep with Heel Kick

Combo: Left/Right/Left/Right Mouth of Hand Punch/Knee/Sweep

Ground: Leg Triangle from Guard

Ground: Defense v. Leg Triangle

Drill: 1st person makes combination and sweeps 2nd person; 2nd person gets Guard and tries a Leg Triangle; 1st person makes the defense


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