Lesson Plans Monday, April 25, 2022

John Whitman
April 25, 2022

Beginner (B1)

Straight Punches
Round Kicks
Drill: Cauldron. 1 tombstone pad holder, 1 striker. Round 1: pad holder calls "Punches," striker delivers combo 2. Pad holder calls "Kick," striker delivers 1 round kick (side TBD by pad holder. Round 2: all strikes double (4 punch flurry, 2 kick flurry). Round 3: all strikes triple (6 punch flurry, 3 kick flurry).
Choke from the side
Drill: 3-4 people. 1 striker, 1 tombstone pad holder, 1-2 attackers. Striker and pad holder free work straight punches and round kicks. Attacker(s) randomly choke striker from the side. Striker defends, finishes with combatives and returns to pad work.
Intermediate (B1)
Headbutts forward
Focus mitt combinations: free work combinations 1-10. Pad holder intermittently calls "Combo #, headbutt!" Striker throws combo and finishes with headbutt to focus mitt.
Ground - trap & roll
Ground - choke from full mount
Ground - headlock from mount
Drill: A/B drill. Group A lies on the ground, eyes closed. Group B randomly gets into mount and either throws light palm heel strikes, chokes, or headlocks person on the ground. Defender executes appropriate defense and finishes technique by getting to their feet before resetting.
Advanced (B1)
Jumping spinning back kick
Drill: Circle of death. 1 kick shield holder, 1 striker, 2+ attackers. Striker free works on kick shield mixing in jumping spinning back kicks. Attackers may do any Level 1 or 2 attack
Ground - guillotine from guard
Ground - defense vs guillotine from guard
Sparring: Starting in guard position, person on top tries for submission. Person on bottom tries to either improve their position or submit from the bottom. If either person succeeds in their goal, pair restarts in opposite places.

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