Lesson Plans Monday, April 18, 2022

John Whitman
April 18, 2022

Beginner (B1)

Palm Heel Strikes

Round Kicks

Drill: Cauldron w/ palm. Round 1 – pad holder calls combo, striker performs the combo 1x. Round 2 – pad holder calls combo, striker performs the combo 2x, sprawling in between combos. Round 3 – pad holder calls combo, striker performs combo 3x, sprawling in between combos.

Headlock from Behind

Drill: A/B/C drill. Divide the class into three groups. Group A holds a tombstone pad, Group B is striking/defending, and Group C is attacking. Pad holders and strikers free work palm heel strike & round kick combinations. Attackers roam and put strikers in a headlock from behind randomly. Strikers defend, then get back to their respective pad holders. Cycle all three groups through all three stations


Intermediate (B1)

Reflexive defense vs front (groin) kick

Outside stabbing defense vs front (groin) kick

Drill: Free work thai pad combinations. Pad holder randomly mixes in groin kicks for striker to defend.

Choke from behind with a pull

Drill: A/B drill. Divide the class in to two groups. Group A stands on a line with eyes closed. Group B randomly attacks with choke from behind with a pull. After the round, the groups switch roles.


Advanced (B1)

Jumping Spinning Back Kick

Drill: Thai pads and belly pad required. Free work on thai pads, mixing in jumping spinning back kick to belly pad. Safety note: kickers should refrain from delivering kick full force in case they miss, accuracy and contact are the goal.

Long Gun from the Front – dead side

Drill: Same drill as above, this time have 2-4 students roam the room with long guns. Attackers will verbally get a random striker’s attention. Striker will perform dead side defense before getting back on the pads

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