Lesson Plans Monday, April 17, 2023

John Whitman
April 16, 2023

Palm heel strike
Round kick
Movement drill: alternate power palm heels and round kick from opposite leg on tombstone or Thai pads down the length of the mat. Then have the pad holder stand at angles to the front and side of the defender (in neutral stance). On the pad-holder’s command to go, the striker turns, delivers a palm heel/round kick combo.
Headlock from behind

Warm up: shrimp across mat. Forward single and two-leg shrimp backwards, side shrimp, and forward shrimp. Have students get used to the movements, then put them in a “shrimp box:” two strokes backwards, side, forwards, and side.
Ground- back fall break
Ground – forward roll
Ground – backward roll
Drill: Defender starts with eyes closed, attacker bumps hard from front or back. Defender does fall break or roll, then pops up and strikes the tombstone until “time” is called.
Ground – elbow escape
Drill: attacker has focus mitts or boxing gloves and tries to slap the defender’s shoulders. Defender must escape from a determined attacker in full mount while defending punches. 

Focus mitt drills (MMA gloves or bare knuckles): Round 1- combos 1-10 with uppercut variable (last punch of combo is uppercut), Round 2- add elbow variable (add either elbow #1 or elbow #6 to the end of the combo, using opposite hand of last punch), Round 3- headbutt variable (same as elbow, but with head)
Jumping spinning back kick
Long gun from the front – live side
Drill: one attacker gives focus mitt combos while another attacker attacks with long gun, making sure to present live side. Repeat as desired.

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