Lesson Plans Friday, March 22, 2013

John Whitman
March 21, 2013


Ground and Pound on Kicking Shield

· Basic Left/Right Straight punches

· Basic Left/Right Palm
heel strikes

· 30 Mix it up fast and aggressive
Trap and Roll against a full mount

· 2ppl/one kicking shield/one attacker/one defender
· Defender- mount the pad and deliver non-stop straight punches and palm heel strikes
· Attacker- at any given time take the striker to the floor and immediately mount them
· Defender- Defend and get back on the pad right away

Movement on the Ground
Front Kick from the Ground
Scissor Sweep
Elbow to Knee escape
Flow Drill- 2 min- Elbow to knee escape followed by scissor sweep, person on the bottom does the same thing.
Back Fall
· 2ppl/one pad/1 Attacker/1 Defender
· Defender- non stop strikes on the pad
· Attacker- Calls “Down”
· Defender- executes a backfall and for the sake of the drill allows the attacker to mount them
· Defender executes elbow to knee escape followed by scissor sweep, finish with strikes from the mount and “Reset”

Focus Mitts
· Inside Chop
· Spinning Heel Kick
· Combo: Jab/Cross/Hook/Spinning Heel Kick
Gun From the Side, Behind the Arm (Both Sides)
Gun From the Side, Infront of the Arm (Both Sides)

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