Lesson Plans Friday, September 20, 2013

John Whitman
September 20, 2013

Beginner (A3)


"Follow the Leader"

Drill: 2pp- Follower, Leader

-Round 1- Leader; Shuffle steps to the Right & Left, touch the floor, Follower Keeps up and Copies

-Round 2-Leader: Move a little faster- add sprawls

-Round 3- Leader, same as above, faster and more sporadic movement, make it challenging for the follower to Keep up and copy. If the follower makes a mistake, 5 Burpees

** Switch

Front kick to a vertical target

Knee strikes

Choke from Front with a Push

Drill: -Defender eyes closed, slightly off balanced, Leaning back on Heels

-Attacker- Choke from front with a push

Ground- Back Position


Intermediate (C3) 

Drill: Sloppy Plank Position

Sit throughs- Quick review

Round 1- Instructor calls out R or L

Round 2- Make it Challenging- Call out mixed combinations.. (ie: L,R,L,R,R)

Round 3- Add push ups between each one

Front Kick Vertical target

Side Kick

Back Kick

Drill: 5ppl/ 4 Kicking shields

(Front kick to a vertical target, Back kick or side kicks.. )

Striker- In middle

Pad Holders- 2 to the side of striker, 1 in front and 1 behind and Call out strikers name.

Striker; executes the proper kick based on the position of the pad holder

Outside Defense 1- 5

Hair Grab Side, impending Knee

Hair Grab Behind


Advanced (B1)

Muay Thai- Opposite Stance

Round 1- Combo# 8- R-uppercutt/L-Hook/R-Cross

Round 2- Kicks-Round Kick low, Med, High-Right leg then Left Leg

Round 3- Basic Combo with kicks, knees, Elbows (Vary the level of kicks)

Sparring-Partner Drill

Round 1-  3 punch Combo- Partner Blocks and counters with a 3 punch combo

Round 2- Add- Uppercutts & Body Shots

Round 3- Add-Groin Kicks & Round Kicks

Ground - side mount position and strikes (if time permits)

Ground - side mount knee to belly (disengage)



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