Lesson Plans Friday, October 27, 2023

John Whitman
October 27, 2023


Front Kick (groin)

Round Kick

Combo: front kick/round kick with same leg


Combo: front kick/knee with same leg

Headlock from Behind

Drill: work on kick combinations, at any time, an attacker can make Headlock from Behind



Thai Pads: 3 minute rounds; for the last thirty seconds of each round, do non-stop round kicks

Ground - Elbow Escape

Ground - Trap and Roll

Drill: attacker is in full mount and makes light punches, defender must deal with punches and improve position



Side Kick (review)

Plucking/Rowing defense v. medium side kick

Stick - Overhead Defense

Drill: eyes closed, either side kick or Stick Overhead

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