Lesson Plans Friday, October 11, 2013

John Whitman
October 11, 2013

Beginner (B1)

Punches- Straight Punch

Round Kick- Work both sides

Drill: Introduce Muay Thai Pads

Combo # 1- Left, Right, Left, Right Round

Combo # 2- Right, Left, Right, Left Round Kick

Inside Defense

Headlock from Behind

Ground - Front Kick

Drill: groups of 3, defender; starts on the ground, Front kick, immediately gets up and attacks the pad with non stop straight punches, attacker; makes headlock from behind, reset after a successful defense.


Intermediate (D1)

Side Kick (with and without advance)- both sides

Side Hammerfist (Review)

Drill: Striker; eyes closed, pad holder walks to either side of striker and gives a verbal signal, striker; Side kick followed by a side hammerfist, transition to face the pad and continue with counters until pad holder calls "time".

Inside Defense with Counter v. Left Puch

Inside Defense with Counter v. Right Punch (2 counters)

Choke from the front Against the wall

Drill: Groups of 2, Defender; starts close to the wall, eyes closed. Attacker; Makes a choke from the front Against the wall or gives a verbal signal makes Inside Defense v. Left or Right


Advanced (D1)

Scissor Front Kick

Scissor Round Kick

Machine Gun Takedown

Stick-Overhead defense

Stick-Baseball bat Defense

Drill: groups of 2, striker; strong and aggressive strikes on the pad, attacker; makes Stick- Overhead or Baseball bat defense

Ground- Guillotine

Ground- Defense v. Guillotine


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