Lesson Plans Friday November, 18, 2016

John Whitman
November 18, 2016

Front Kick Vertical Target – work both legs at various angles
Ground – Back Position and Movement
Ground – Get Up
Drill: Outside, practice movement and getting up on grass, concrete, asphalt
Drill: Outside; ground movement, get up, make Front Kick Vertical Target
Knife – Downward Stab (if time)

Uppercut Punch
Hook Punch
Defense v. Hook (covering)
Defense v. Uppercut
Thai Clinch – include spinning on centerline and giving knees
Drill: Defend Right Hook/Left Uppercut Combo
Drill: Defend Right Hook/Left Uppercut Combo, then catch in Thai Clinch, spin, give knees
Drill: Review Level 1 Chokes (add Bearhugs from Level 2 if appropriate); as the defender makes counterattacks, the attacker should resist and begin punching (lightly); the defender should cover, catch in Thai clinch, and give knees to finish

2 rounds of 2 minutes: Light sparring open palm
Downward Stab
Upward Stab
Drill: One defender/One attacker; light sparring open palm, at any given time attacker steps back to make space and attacks with knife. Make the appropriate defense and continue light sparring.

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