Lesson Plans Friday, May 8, 2015

John Whitman
May 7, 2015


Hammerfist to the Side

Left/Right Combination/Right Elbow

Combination: Hammerfist to the Side/Left/Right Combination/Right Elbow


Combination:  Hammerfist to the Side/Left/Right Combination/Right Elbow/ 2 Knees

Choke from the Front (2-Handed)

Choke from the Front with a Push

Drill: defender eyes closed; attacker makes Choke from the Front (2-Handed), Choke from Front with a Push, or shoves defender from the side; defender makes the appropriate defense and executes todays combination when shoved with pad.


Bobbing/weaving/slipping punches

Focus Mitt Combination- L-Jab/R-Cross/Bob and Weave/L-Hook/R-Cross

Focus Mitt Combination- Slip to the right/R-Cross/L-Hook/R-Cross

Outside Slap Kick

Focus Mitts- Basic combinations, include Bobbing/weaving/Slipping punches and Outside Slap Kick

Inside Defense v. Left Punch

Inside Defense v. Right Punch

Defense v. High Round Kick (Reflexive)

Drill: High Round Kick or straight punch: defend and counter appropriately


Tabata thai pads (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) round 1- Left and Right punches, round 2-  right round kicks, round 3 - Left round kicks, round 4- sprawl, right cross/left hook

Cavaliers 1-4

Advanced Gun- from the front, assailant pushing

Advanced Gun- from the front, assailant pushing, slapping, kicking

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