Lesson Plans Friday, May 4, 2012

John Whitman
May 4, 2012

Stance & Movement -- try opposite stance for half the time!
Straight Punches - singles, then doubles, then triple punches each side
Straight Punch Low
Inside Def. v. Straight Punch Low
Ground - side position and movement
Ground - side kick
Drill - Up/Down: defender is on the ground in side position, moving and kicking the pad; instructors yells "up!" and defender gets up, while pad holder drops pad; defender moves and defends against straight punch low; instructor yells "down!" and the ground fight resumes

Kick Drill -- move around the room delivering Front Kick, Front Kick Vertical Target, or Round Kicks on command.
Kick Drill -- stationery; work on high front kicks and round kicks (careful; do some additional stretching if necessary)
Defense v. High Round Kick (2 or 3 points of contact)
Defense v. High Front Kick
Drill -- fighting stance; defend high front or high round kick; FOR ADDITIONAL CHALLENGE, add straight punch once in a while

Half Tabata Strikes: 20 seconds punching/10 second rest for 4 rounds
20 seconds right round kick/10 second rest for 4 rounds
20 seconds left round kick/10 second rest for 4 rounds
20 seconds knees/10 second rest for 4 rounds
Gun from the Front
Long Gun Live Side

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