Lesson Plans Friday, May 3, 2013

John Whitman
May 3, 2013

Beginner (B2)
Palm Heel strikes
Knee Strikes (Regular & Round)
Drill: 2 ppl/1 Kicking shield
Striker- Down on their stomach, Eyes Closed
- On instructors cue, get up fast, locate and advance towards your partner, 6 Palm Heel strikes followed by non stop Knees until instructor calls "Time"
360 Defense
Self Defense:
Headlock From Behind
Advanced Self Defense:
Knife-Downward stab
Drill: 2ppl/1 Defender/1 Attacker
-Defender- Eyes Closed
-Attacker- Give a Verbal Cue, Downward stab
Headlock from Behind

Intermediate (B2)
-Out Side Slap Kick
Focus Mitts:
Combo- Out Side Slap Kick, Cross, Hook, Cross
Basic Take Down Defense/Spinning on center line
Drill: 3ppl/1 Striker/1 Pad Holder/1 Attacker
-Striker- Thai Clinch, Non stop Knee strikes
-Attacker- Try to flank striker and tag him
- Striker- Spin on center line, keeping Pad Holder between you and Attacker, if tagged, 5 Burpees and back on pad
-Pad Holder- at any given time change levels and drive in to striker
Defense v. Uppercut
Reverse Head Lock
Ground-Trap and Roll
Drill: 3ppl/1 Defender/1 Attacker/ 1 Pad Holder
-Defender- On their Back
-Attacker- Full mount
-Defender- Trap and Roll, get up and sprint towards pad holder, Non stop knee strikes until "Time" is called

Advanced (B2)
Rotation Drill: 3ppl/1 Kicking Shield
A's- Hold Pads
B's-Non stop fast and aggressive strikes (Straight punches, Elbows, Hammer fists & Headbutts)
C's-sprawl-2 push ups-4 Sit throughs (continuous)
-Instructor Calls "Switch"- Everyone Rotates
B's-Strikers-Hold pads
A's-Pad Holders-Burpees
C's-3rd Person-Striking
-Instructor Calls time and everyone Rotates..
Mouth of Hand Punch
Spinning Heel Kick
Focus Mitt:
Spinning heel kick, Jab, Cross, Mouth of Hand Punch
Sweep with Heel Kick
Self Defense:
Gun from the front- Pushing into stomach
Advanced Gun- from Front, assailant pushing, slapping, kicking

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