Lesson Plans Friday, May 17, 2013

John Whitman
May 17, 2013

Beginner (B2)
L & R Straight Punches
Round Kicks
Switch Round Kicks
Introduce Thai Pads: Straight Punches and Round Kicks
Round 1- Pad Holder-Calls a number of punches for the striker to do
Round 2- Punches and Kicks
Choke from the side
Choke from Behind
Drill: 3 ppl/ 1 Kicking Shield/1 Punching Shield
Defender- Mount pad, nonstop strikes
Pad Holder- hold pad for kicks to the groin, Give a verbal cue for the defender to get up
Defender- on command stand up, sprint towards pad holder, front kicks to the groin
Attacker- attack Choke from the side or Behind
Defender- Make the appropriate defense, back to ground and pound

Intermediate (B2)
Focus Mitts:
Hook Punch- to the body & Head
Spinning Heel Kick
Combo: Changing Levels
- Hook (to the body), Cross (to the Body), Hook (to the Head)
- Cross (to the body), Hook (to the Body), Cross (to the Head), Hook (to the Head)
- Add, Spinning Heel Kick
- Add, Superman Punch
Headlock from Behind (Bar Arm)
Bearhug from Behind (Arms free)
Drill: Groups of 4-5 (Adjust according to class size)
Monkey in the Middle
1 Defender, 2 Pad Holders, 2 Attackers
Pad Holders- Bump or call Defenders name
Defender- On command attack the pads
Attackers- Any level 1 self defense, plus Headlock from Behind and Bearhug from behind (Arms Free)
Ground- Elbow to Knee Escape
Ground- Kick off From Guard

Advanced (B2)
A/B Drill: With one minor change...
** When instructor calls "Go", Instead of just sprinting to the other pad, striker must do a Backward Roll followed by a Forward Roll, get up and sprint to the pad with counter attacks!
Axe Kick
Combo: Axe Kick followed by Advancing punches
Cavaliers 1-4
Knife Defense against Upward Stab
Knife Defense against a Straight Stab (Live Side)
Knife- Kick From a Distance
Drill: Groups of 4-5 (Adjust according to class size)
Monkey in the Middle
1 Defender, 1 Pad Holders, 2 people with Large Shields, 1 Attacker
Defender- in the middle being pushed around (safely), does not fight back
At any time, pad holder can jump in and hold for punches or Kicks, also Attacker can jump in and attack with
Knife- Kick From a Distance, Knife Defense against a Straight Stab (Live Side)
Defender- Strike until pad holder calls "Time" or make the appropriate defense

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