Lesson Plans Friday, May 11, 2012

John Whitman
May 12, 2012

Straight Punches (review)
Elbows 1-3 (review)
Knees (review)
Front Kick Vertical Target
Drill: circle of pad holders surrounds defender just outside kicking range; defender can attack any pad holder, but must move around and use Front Kick Vertical Target (make a rule that he cannot attack a pad holder right next to the one he just struck); on instructor command, the pad holders begin to close in slowly. Defender must move from kicks to punches to elbows and knees as he gets crowded in.
Choke from the Front with a Push
Choke from Behind with a Push
Drill: eyes closed; choke from the front or behind

Thai pads - combinations 1-4, emphasize higher round kicks
Review Round Kick Defenses from last week
Bearhug Front Arms Caught
Drill: eyes closed, attacker makes an aggressive bear hug, tries to move the defender or even put them on the ground. "Aggressive" is relative, of course!
Bearhug Front Arms Free
Drill: eyes closed, either bear hug

Focus Mitt drill with disturbing
Focus Mitt drill with vision (second person moving hands, puncher must call out movement)
Long Gun Dead Side
Machine Gun Takedown
Drill: defender tries Long Gun Dead Side, attacker resists; if the defender cannot make the regular defense, he should transition to Machine Gun Takedown

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