Lesson Plans Friday, May 10, 2013

John Whitman
May 10, 2013

Palm Heel Strikes
Front Kick-Groin
Drill: 2 ppl/ 2 Kicking Shields/ 1 Striker/ 1 Pad Holder
Striker- Mount the pad
- Non Stop palm heel strikes
Pad Holder- Hold for Front Kicks to the Groin
Instructor- At any given time, yell "Up" Or "Down"
Striker- On command, get up fast- Front Kicks- Groin or Mount pad -Palm Heel strikes (Strong & Aggressive)
Elbows- 1-3
Self Defense:
Choke from Behind
Headlock from Behind
Drill: 1 Striker/ 1 pad Holder/ 3-4 Designated Attackers (Adjust according to Class size)
Striker- Non stop Fast and aggressive strikes on the pad
Attackers- Move around the room and randomly attack strikers with either Choke from behind or Headlock from behind
Ground- Back Position

3 Round Drill
Outside Slap kick
Bobbing/Weaving/Slipping punches
Defense v. Hook Covering
Defense v. Uppercut
Drill: 2 ppl/ 1 defender/ 1 striker
- Both Defender and Striker start in their Fighting stance on their knees
- Striker-Nice and Easy- straight punches, hooks and uppercuts
- Defender- Bobbing/Weaving/Slipping and Covering Punches
** Emphasis is on constant head movement, keeping Hands up at all times and do not pause if hit!
Self Defense:
Reverse Headlock from Standing
Ground- Elbow to Knee Escape
Ground- Guard Reversal
Drill: 2ppl/1 Attacker/1 Defender/1 Kicking shield
-Defender- Mount kicking shield-Ground and pound
-Attacker- Tackle defender off the shield and mount them
-Defender- (For the sake of the drill allow attacker to mount you)
- Gain a better position and get on your feet
- Attacker- Attack Reverse Headlock from Standing
- Defender- Dynamic and explosive defense, get back on on the pad, Ground and pound

Stand up and Ground Drill: Thai Pads- 4 Rounds- 2 min rounds, 30 sec Rest
Round 1- Combinations followed by Kicks
** Rest: Gloves and Mitts off
Round 2- Pad holder, put striker full mount or side control, make it very challenging (but not impossible) for them to gain better position. Once they make a successful transition, reset- either full mount or side control!
**Rest: Gloves and Mitts on
Round 3- Combinations followed by Kicks- Add sprawls
** ** Rest: Gloves and Mitts off
Round 4-Pad holder, put striker full mount or side control, make it very challenging for them to gain better position.
- Add submissions
- Reset after a successful submission
Self Defense:
Knife Kick from a Distance
Knife- Defense v. Downward stab
Defender- Eyes Closed
Attacker- Give a verbal cue, either get close for a downward stab or Knife defense from a distance
Defender- Open eyes on command and make the appropriate defense

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