Lesson Plans Friday, March 25, 2022

John Whitman
March 25, 2022

Beginner (A3)
Ground - back position
Ground - getting up
Ground - front kick
Ground - round kick
Drill: groups of 4 with 3 kick shields. One defender starts on their back with kick shield holders to their front, left, and right. Pad holders shout "here!" or "go!" and the person on their back must acquire and strike each target as quickly as possible. The instructor can call "up!" or "down" and the drill continues either standing or on the ground. For the standing portion use mixed strikes on each pad.

Intermediate (A3)
Warm-up: 1 round of shadow boxing with boxing gloves, then grab a partner. Both partners punching at the same time, touching gloves or targeting body. Round 1- jab and cross. Round 2- one partner throws jab/cross high while other partner ducks and throws jab/cross to the body. Alternate back and forth. Round 3- high/low hook. One partner throws high hook while other partner bobs and weaves with body hook.
Cover drill: attacker throws alternating left and right punches, defender responds as follows:

1.)    Slip Jab
2.)    Slip Cross
3.)    Pull Jab (transfer weight to back foot, pulling head out of range)
4.)    Duck Cross
5.)    Bob Left Hook
6.)    Bob Right Hook
7.)    Cover Left Hook (Body)
8.)    Cover Right Hook (Body)
9.)    Cover Left Hook
10.) Cover Right Hook
11.) Low inside defense Jab (Body)
12.) Low inside defense Cross (Body)
13.) Inside defense Jab
14.) Inside defense Cross
- Add counters as students get comfortable
Attack and defend: one student attacks with boxing combo, another defends. Repeat 3-5 times each, then switch. Increase speed and number of strikes as  the drill continues.

Advanced (A3)
2 front kicks with switch
2 back kicks with switch
2 straight knees with switch
Review kick defenses (mid level)
General defense vs. mid- to high round kicks
Sliding defense vs. mid- to high round kicks
Kick tag: each student grabs a partner, both have full sparring gear. Each partner has 45 seconds to score as many points with kicks as possible. Points can only be scored by the second kick of a double kick (jump front/round, double front kick, etc.), and the defender can only defend. Kicks must land with good contact to valuable targets. Fakes and feints are highly encouraged.

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