Lesson Plans Friday, March 22, 2024

John Whitman
March 22, 2024


Straight Punches - 4 punches moving forward

Straight Punches 4 punches moving backward


Drill: punches forward/sprawl, then knee/punches backward/sprawl, then knee/continue

Choke from Behind with a Push

Drill: barricade drill -- defender makes the defense against Choke from Behind with a Push, then breaks through a barricade of pads, then gives 10 punches and 5 knees.



During warm up, include step and pivot movements to the right and left as review

Uppercut punch

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Step and Pivot to the Right/Left Uppercut/Right Elbow)

Combo: 4 hooks (left/right/left/right) up the body/step and pivot to the left/right uppercut/right straight

Sparring: light contact, hands only, multiple rounds



Sparring Drill: one foot in the circle (make circles on the ground with belts, or use hoops; each opponent must keep one foot in the circle during sparring. 5 burpee penalty if you leave the circle; 70% speed and power, hands only

Drill v. Multiple Attackers: zombie drill with attackers making one attack each (straight or hook)

Sparring v. 2 assailants

Sparring v. 2 assailants -- start on ground, in side control

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