Lesson Plans Friday, July 19, 2019

John Whitman
July 19, 2019


Palm strikes

Front Kick (groin)

Elbow #3

Groups of 3: Monkey in the middle, (approximately 1 minute unless students not getting fatigued), non-stop palm strikes on padholder #1, building up to Padholder #2 can verbal cue from behind at any time for Elbow 3. Striker makes elbow followed by 2 palm strikes and a Front Kick Groin, then returns to palm strikes on padholder #1.

Wrist releases

360 defense v. Haymaker

Drill: A/B Non-compliant attacker. Attacker makes wrist grab. Defender makes wrist release. Attacker can disengage or follow up attack with Haymaker. Defender makes 360 with follow-up combatives. Emphasize wrist releases looking non-aggressive, but shifting gears as soon as haymaker in motion.



Uppercut Punch

Uppercut Punch Defense


Groups of 2. Alternate between Attacker/Defender, sending Uppercut and defending.

Defense v. High Front Kick (redirecting)


Same as above, but Attacker can send Uppercut or High Front Kick for defense.

Knife – Straight Stab


Same as above, but replace Uppercut attack with Straight Stab (both begin with knife in hand). On cue, find new partner.



Gun Front 2 Handed Technique


Groups of 3, Defender, Padholder, Attacker. Defender sends all out strikes to Pad. Attacker approaches from either side of Pad and points gun. Defend and return to striking.

Advanced Gun Front – Kneeling Position


Defenders neutral/eyes closed. Attackers give verbal cue. If close enough, Defender should use 2 Hand defense. If too far away, Attacker will order to knees and approach. Once close enough, defend using Kneeling defense.

Advanced Gun Front – Mounted


Defenders eyes closed, transition between standing, kneeling and laying on back. Attackers roam giving verbal/tactile cue. Defend from position appropriately and return to transitioning eyes closed.

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