Lesson Plans Friday, July 1, 2022

John Whitman
July 1, 2022

Beginner (A1)
Movement - shadow boxing w/o punches or kicks
Palm heel strikes
Front kick (groin)
Choke from the front (2-handed pluck)
Drill: Students break into groups of three, with one tombstone per group. Once the defender deals with a choke from the front, they turn and find their padholder who calls for palm heels or groin kicks. After a few strikes the choker calls time and chokes, while the padholder moves to a new spot as quickly as possible.

Intermediate (C1)
Ground - high back fall break
Ground - forward roll
Ground - forward roll, back fall break
Ground - headlock side (weight forward)
Ground - headlock side (weight backward)
Drill - Students break into groups of three, with one tombstone per group. Once the attacker begins a side headlock, the padholder starts counting. Once the defender gets up, they deliver upper body strikes to the tombstone for the same length of time the padholder counted. Repeat.

Advanced (C1)
One arm shoulder throw
Full nelson - finger strip
Full nelson - throw
Full nelson - sweep
Drill - defender starts in a full nelson, while a second attacker closes in with focus mitts, padded sticks, Thai pads, or anything to provide distraction for the defender. The defender deals with the second attacker, dealing enough damage to cause them to disengage while the first attacker gives resistance in the nelson. The defender then clears the nelson and the students rotate positions.

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