Lesson Plans Friday, January 29, 2016

John Whitman
January 28, 2016


Palm Heel Strike

Drill: Striking/Sprint/Push up Drill: defender strikes pad full speed at one end of the room; on command, he sprints to the other end of the room, does 5 (or 10) push ups, then sprints back to continue punching. To make the drill a little easier, have them start with slow punches, then increase speed when they return from running; then slow down again.

Basic Takedown Defense (position for giving knees)

Knees (straight and round)


Drill: defender’s eyes are closed; attacker pushes, then makes 360 attack with right hand; defender defends, controls and gives knees; sometimes the attacker resists and tries to move in, sometimes not.



Front Kick with Advance (passive and neutral)

Defense v. Front Kick (redirecting)

Inside Defense v. Right Punch with 2 counters

Drill: Defense Front Kick or Right Cross (include counterattacks)



Focus Mitts – Right Cross/Liver Shot

Focus Mitts – Right Cross/Live Shot/Left Hook

Body Absorption – light work

Toe The Line! – stand across from partner, two lines, both attack with body shots; then move on to next person.

Gun Side Front of Arm – work both sides


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