Lesson Plans Friday, January 16, 2015

John Whitman
January 15, 2015

Beginner Class (A1)

L/R Combination

Drill: Groups of 2, small shield; Pad holder calls out even number of punches for the striker to do (2-4-6), on instructors signal “GO”, striker sprawls, quickly stands up and makes non-stop punches on pad until instructor calls “TIME”.

Front Kick to a Vertical Target

Combo: Front Kick to a Vertical Target followed by L/R Combination

Choke form Front (2 Handed)

Drill: defender eyes closed; either defend Choke from front OR on pad holders signal “OPEN” make Front Kick to a Vertical Target follow by non-stop punches until pad holder calls “TIME”.


Intermediate Class (A1)

Uppercut punch

Focus mitts- Left Uppercut/Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Right Cross

Kick off from Guard

Choke from the Side on the Ground – show kicking first, similar to kick off from guard

Choke from the Side on the Ground – arm bar

Drill: Choke from the Side — if the attacker stays close, use arm bar; if you can make space, kick him away; get up and work focus mitts (use today’s combo) then drop down and restart.


Advanced (A1)

3 Round Drill

Knee strikes with a Switch

Thai Pads- 2 rounds of 3 minutes- Basic Combinations, add a Right Elbow followed by a Left Knee after EVERY combination.

Review headlock side from earlier levels

Headlock spinning inward

Headlock neck break

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