Lesson Plans Friday, January 10, 2023

John Whitman
February 10, 2023


Palm Strikes

Inside Defenses

Drill: Introduce the concept of shelling up

Drill: using Inside Defense, defend 4 palm strikes, then shell up against further palm strikes and move away.

Knees --- use both Framing Position and Muay Thai Clinch (plum)

Drill: using Inside Defense, defend 4 palm strikes, ten shell up against further palm strikes, close distance for control and give knees

Headlock from Behind

Drill: in groups of three; do the drill as above, but at any time the third person can attack the PUNCHER with Headlock From Behind



Focus Mitts: 2 rounds of 2 minutes

Inside Defenses with Counter Attacks (v. left, v. right with 2 counters, v. right with 1 counter)

Back Fall Break

Ground - Side Control

Ground - Hip Escape from Side Control (either pull guard or kick away)

Drill: attacker makes Left or Right Punch, defender practices defenses and counters; at any time, attacker can say "Down!"; defender makes Fall Break; attacker jumps into Side Control; defender does Hip Escape, kicks off, and gets back up.



Sparring Drills: Partner A makes low round kick (left or right), defender checks and makes two counters; switch after 2 minutes

Sparring Drill: Partner A makes any punch (left or right), defender blocks and makes two counters; switch after 2 minutes

Sparring: 2 minute rounds

Knife Forward Slash

Knife Back Slash

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