Lesson Plans Friday, February 19, 2021

John Whitman
February 19, 2021


Straight Punch (review)

Learning to make a straight punch from a passive or unprepared stance. The punch should lead into a fighting stance. For more advanced students, make the punch at various angles.

Front Kick to the Groin (review)

Learning to make a groin kick from a passive or unprepared stance. The kick should lead into a fighting stance. For more advanced students, make the punch at various angles.

Drill: eyes closed; partner holds the pad for straight punch or front kick and gives verbal signal; defender opens his eyes and makes the appropriate strike, with additional strikes from a fighting stance

Choke from the Front with a Push

Drill: barricade drill -- defender stands with eyes closed; an attacker makes choke from the front with a push; defender defends, then must burst through a group holding pads (include proper safety!), and then give 1o left/right combinations to a pad. The group making the barricade should be arranged in pairs: two people stand shoulder to shoulder with pads, then two more behind them, then two more behind them, etc. They should NOT give too much resistance. For SAFETY, the defender must keep his hands lower than the pads (to avoid accidental strikes to the paddlers' faces).


Inside Defenses (review)

Bearhug from Behind (arms free)

Ground - Trap and Roll

Drill: slowly, have the attacker make a Bearhug from Behind and then pull the defender to the ground (defender must cooperate). To signal cooperation, the attacker says "Down, down." When the defender is on the ground, the attacker takes full mount. The defender then makes Trap and Roll.

Drill: one attack/one defend using Inside Defenses; random attackers move around the room and make Bearhug From Behind, Arms Free to the punchers (not the defenders). Sometimes they make regular Bearhug, sometimes they make the person go the ground and defend Full Mount using Trap and Roll.


After warm up, basic shoot/sprawl slowly to review

Focus Mitts: basic combinations. Pad holder can shoot in at any time, defender must sprawl; 2 rounds of 2 minutes

Drill: multiple attackers; move and make defenses, try to deal with one attacker at a time; counter when possible; include shoot/sprawl if safety allows for it; (open hands, light training)

Gun from the Front

Gun from Behind at a Distance

Drill: groups of 4, one defender; attackers make punches, defender must move to deal with one attacker at a time; at any time, an attacker can point a gun from the side or front at a distance; defender must defend, take the weapon, and then continue with the drill.

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