Lesson Plans Friday, February 18, 2022

John Whitman
February 18, 2022

Review stance and movement
Straight punch with advance
Drill: students pair off with one focus mitt. Pad holder will slowly move the pad to the side of their body and the puncher will try to land a jab or cross to the pad before the pad holder can move it away. For the second round increase the distance and attempt to do the same with advancing straight punches
Straight punch with retreat
Drill: students pair off with one tombstone pad. Pad holder advances forward while puncher delivers hard retreating straight punches. At a predetermined distance the pad holder calls "down!" and the striker does a fall break, gets up, and covers the same distance forward with straight knees from the Thai clinch.
Choke from behind with a push

Ground - escape from guard (gouge and stack)
Ground - side mount position and strikes
Ground - side mount to full mount
Ground - side mount knee to belly (disengage)
Drill: ground and pound with transitions. Round 1 - each student has a tombstone pad or ground dummy and strikes from positions called out by instructor. Include side mount, full mount, knee to belly, standing, and all transitions between. Round 2 - students pair off, and student on "top" tries to get to the position called out by the instructor as quickly as possible, while person on bottom resists.
Ground - arm lock from side

Warm up: shadow boxing, then body sparring (boxing only)
Review 360 and counter
Drill: 360 and counter using Thai pads or focus mitts. Pad holder puts up "target" first (well away from the face), then swings for the attack.
Knife - defense vs upward stab
Knife - defense vs straight stab
Drill: attacker pins defender against wall (use a corner if possible) using straight arm and/or clinch, while also delivering knife stabs to the body. Defender must get free to deliver strikes on tombstone until "time" is called, then the drill repeats.

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