Lesson Plans Friday, August 24, 2018

John Whitman
August 24, 2018

Beginner (A2)

-L&R Straight Punches

-L&R Straight Punches while on full mount

Drill: Ground, Pound & Drag drill

(Please see video)

Headlock From Behind

Advance technique:

Gun From Behind

Drill: Disturbance/Self Defense/4-5ppl

1 attacker/ 1 Defender/2-3 Pad holders

-Defender in the middle

-Pad holders- bump, shove defender, at the same time, yell, shout and create chaos

-Defender- Hands up for protection, weather the storm, make the appropriate defense as soon as attacked..

-Attacker- at any given time, attack with either Head Lock from behind or Gun from behind


Intermediate (C2)

Focus Mitts: Left/Right Combinations

Drill: Focus Mitts with Disturbing- Pad holders strike partner continuously while partner covers and absorbs; when pad holder slaps mitts together, the partner makes left/right combination, then the pad holder goes back to striking. Drill should be fast and aggressive.

Bearhug Behind Arms Free

Ground- foot grab strip

Ground- foot spin inward

Drill: groups of 3; one defender, one attacker and one pad holder; defender starts on the ground with eyes closed; foot is grabbed, and he/she must make the appropriate defense, gets up and makes  non stop strikes on the pad, attacker makes an aggressive Bearhug from Behind, reset after a successful defense.


Advanced (C2)

Basic Combatives to kicking shield, include side kicks and back kicks

Drill: eyes closed; when bumped with pad, deliver initial combative to appropriate angle, and continue with strikes

Hand Gun Front Review

Knife Downward Review

Knife Upward Review

Long Gun Review

Drill:Eyes closed, any of these weapons!


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