Lesson Plans Friday, April 25, 2014

John Whitman
April 24, 2014

Beginner (B1)

Palm Heel Strike


Drill: groups of 3, palm heel strikes to target, third person gives a verbal signal and burst forward with 360, defender must defend, then turn to the pad.

Knees (quick review)

Choke from the Front (1-Handed)

Drill: Non-Compliant Attacker- Attacker makes Choke from the Front and the defender defends.  Once the defender begins to give knees, the attacker breaks off and comes back with a 360 attack.

Intermediate (B1) 

Focus Mitts: Hooks and Uppercutts

Drill: groups of 3; make the appropriate hook or uppercut while third person holds up a hand; striker must call out the hand motion.

Defense v. Hook (extended)

Defense v. Hook (covering)

Ground- Trap and Roll

Ground- Elbow Escape

Advanced (B1) 

Choose 3-4 self defense techniques from the lower levels to review

Add non-compliant attacker as described above

Gun from the Front - attacker grabs gun with his left hand to secure it; the defender must maintain control and continue with counterattacks.

Gun from the Front- attacker tries to punch defender with his left hand as the defender defends. Defender must be sure to keep his chin down.

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