Lesson Plan Wednesday Dec 12

John Whitman
December 12, 2012


Punch warm up, pad holder moves around and calls for L, R or L/R  instructor calls for sprawl, or tuck jumps.

Round kicks --> horseshoe drill

Ground - round kick

Drill - defender moves around and makes punches or kicks, yells down, defender gets to ground (any way they can), and gets into their ground fighting stance.  Attacker moves around them (trying to get by the head) and holds for kick.  Defender makes either front kick or round kick, then gets up and resets.



Hook punch defense

uppercut defense

attacker moves around and throws either hook or uppercut, defender defends.  Start with just hook, then layer in uppercuts,        then layer straight punches.

Bear hug from behind - arms caught

- arms free

Drill: groups of 3 - 1 person makes punches at defender, at anytime 2nd attacker comes from behind and bearhugs the 1st attacker, they defend then reset.



Thai pad rounds in opposite stance  - last 30 sec of each round non-stop punches

spinning heel kick

sliding def v. spinning heel kick

stopping def v. spinning heel kick

sparring including spinning heel kick

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