Lesson Plan Tuesday, July 30,2013

Straight Punches- Passive Stance and on slight angles
Hammerfist Downward- Practice form Fighting stance and from Knees
Drill: Pad Holder holds the pad head level and gradually moves pad down and then back up. Striker; Hammerfist strikes and follows the pad.
Ground-Front Kick
Ground-Getting up
Drill- Striker starts from their back; 2 straight punches as though the attacker is in the your guard, shift to create space, front kick and get up, Reset!
Choke From Behind

Headbutt Upward
Thai Pads- 3 Rounds of 2 Minutes; double up on all round kicks and knees, include Headbutts and uppercuts
Headlock from the Side
Bearhug Front Arms Free (space)
Drill: Non stop puches on the pad, Attacker; Makes Headlock from the side or an aggressive Bearhug

Ground- 2 Rounds of 3 Minutes:
Round 1- Attacker starts from a dominant position and works to maintain the position, defender; works to gain a better position, then reset.
Round 2- Include submissions. Reset after a successful submission.
Knife- Defense v. Downward Stab
Knife- Defense v. Upward Stab
Gun from the Front
Advanced Gun- from the front, assailant using off hand
Drill: Defender Eyes Closed, Knife or Gun

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