Lesson Plan Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beginner (A1)

Front Kick vertical target

Round Kick


- 6 Squats, 2 R- Leg Front Kick vertical target, 2 L-Leg Front Kick vertical target, 2 R-Leg Round Kicks, 2 L-Leg Round Kicks

- 4 Squats, 4 R- Leg Front Kick vertical target, 4 L-Leg Front Kick vertical target, 4 R-Leg Round Kicks, 4 L-Leg Round Kicks

- 2 Squats, 6 R- Leg Front Kick vertical target, 6 L-Leg Front Kick vertical target, 6 R-Leg Round Kicks, 6 L-Leg Round Kicks

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low

Choke from Front with a push

Drill: Groups of 2, Defender;  20 seconds of non stop burpees, then closes eyes, Attacker; Makes Choke from front with a push or gives a verbal signal Inside Defense v. Straight punch Low.


Intermediate (C2)

Focus Mitts- Straight Punches

Drill: Disturbing Drill- defender covers and absorbs while partner hits with focus mitts: on command the defender make Left/Right combination, then immediately covers as the partner hit with focus mitts again.

Outside Slap Kick

Defense v. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points)

Bearhug from Behind Arms Free

Drill: Groups of 3, Disturbing drill as above, Attacker; makes Bearhug from Behind (arms free)


Advances (C2)

Chop (inside)

Focus Mitts:  Round 1- Combo: Right Cross, Left IHook, Right Chop (inside)

Round 2: Same combo as above, opposite stance.

Gun to the side of the Head

Gun from the Front, 2 Handed technique

Drill: Groups of 3, intense focus mitt work, Attacker; gives a verbal signal and makes various Gun threats.



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