KMA Took Over The Martial Arts Supershow!

John Whitman
June 29, 2015

This summer, Krav Maga Alliance took over the MAIA Super Show in Las Vegas! It was KMA’s first marketing effort ever in it’s six year history, so we came out in force. Our booth offered multiple games and activities that attracted everyone from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to Ernie Reyes, Jr. We provided couches so attendees could rest their weary feet, and charging stations so they could power their weary phones.

The heart of our presentation, though, was John Whitman and the Krav Maga Alliance. We gathered a lot of interest and signed up several affiliates on the spot. There were several other Krav Maga organizations at the event — in fact, it was nice to see Eyal Yanilov there — but the Alliance made an outstanding and impressive showing. Our goal is to make Krav Maga Alliance the best organization in the world. We went to Las Vegas to show the world what we had to offer, and the participants reacted very well!

A great part of our success was due to the involvement of some of our affiliates. Tony Morrison came in from New York and Derrek Hofrichter joined us from Phoenix. We also had help from our headquarters staff, as Amy Taylor (general manager at Alliance Culver City), worked the crowd. We were joined by Todd (TJ) Johnson, a SWAT officer from a southern California police department and KMA Force Instructor.

Special thanks go to Rachel Greenbaum, manager for the Krav Maga Alliance, for putting in so much work before, during and after the event. Thanks, Rachel! In addition, we have to thank the mastermind and planner behind the entire booth concept, Angel Neelankavil. Angel is a member at Alliance Culver City, and an expert marketing and event planner. If anyone is interested in getting fantastic consultation on marketing strategies or events, Angel is the woman to talk to! You can contact her at aneelankavil [at] gmail. We are using her expertise for both Krav Maga Alliance, and our headquarters gym Alliance Krav Maga and CrossFit in Los Angeles, CA. She’s fantastic!

Ultimately, what sets KMA apart is the quality of our affiliates. We are incredibly proud of the people who have joined our organization. They make the Krav Maga Alliance a special place to be!

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