KMA Force Is Making A Difference!

John Whitman
May 31, 2013

Read the message below written by a police officer who trained with KMA Force instructor John Hallett in Colorado!

"Early Tuesday morning I was searching for a suspect in Colorado Springs, and found him crossing the road in front of my patrol I exited, my car door stripped my taser out of my hand. Before I knew it, the 6'1" 240 lb suspect on meth was right in front of me looking to fight. By instinct, I went for the groin kick, which was enough to distract him long enough to pin him to my car. He started to throw elbows behind him, so I stepped off line and gave him a right hook to the face, cutting him pretty badly (later 5 stitches). He came at me and I used my Judo to sweep him. Even on the ground and covered in blood, he continued to try and get up. By this time we were all over the road and there was still light traffic so I broke contact with him. I drew my taser and ended up hitting him in the back as he tried to run.

Just wanted to extend a thanks for the instruction you gave me last year. Even though I went back to training Jui Jitsu, I still use your shadow boxing warmup to include knees and groin kicks. The fight would have been differant if it werent for this. I also always remember the aggressive nature of Krav, when it comes to my work on the street. Two years ago I would have tried to grapple before I strike, which would have been bad for me considering this guys strength on the meth.

Your Krav Maga saved me that night.

Thanks so much!"

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