Lesson Plans Friday, July 29, 2022

Beginner (A1)
Fighting Stance
Wrist releases
Hammerfist to the side
Elbows 1-3
Drill - attacker approaches from the front or side of a defender in neutral stance and attacks with a wrist grab, pulling the defender along. If the initial wrist release is successful, the defender runs across the room to touch the opposite wall. If not initially successful, the defender delivers strikes to the attacker until they are realeased.
Choke from the side
Drill - same drill as before, but adding in choke from the side

Intermediate (C1)
Forward and backward rolls
Ground - kick off from the guard
Drill - determined attacker in the guard. Start with the defender on their back delivering strikes to a tombstone held by an attacker in their guard. On "go" the defender tries to kick off. The attacker's job is to maintain their position in the defender's guard as much as possible, while slapping their shoulders and the side of their head. Once the defender is successful they repeat the same drill with a fresh attacker. Repeat several times
Ground - choke from side

Advanced (C1)
Review front kick with advance and advancing straight punches
Gun from the front
Gun from the front, 2-handed technique (cupping)
Drill - the attacker has 3 options once they detect movement from the defender: pull the gun away early, fight for control of the gun once the defender has their hands on it, or fall to the ground as if knocked out. If at any point the defender loses control and fail to regain it they do 5 pushups before the next rep. If they successfully defend 5 times, the attacker does 10 pushups.

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