February 17, 2021

John Whitman
February 17, 2021



Straights, Elbow 1, Knees

Advancing Straight Punch


Advancing L/R Straight + R Elbow + Clinch Knee

Inside Defenses


Defenders in fighting stance, eyes closed. Attackers roam cueing and sending straight for defense or holding pad for combo above.

Choke Front - 1 Handed



Grps 3. Striker, Padholder, Bungee holder. Striker, Bungee start at one end of gym, padholder at opposite end. Striker must run/crawl to pad while partner gives resistance with bungee. Once to pad, send all out strikes to pad while partner continues to provide resistance. Reset for several rounds.

Inside Defense v. Left/Right (Lean Back and Trap)

Inside Defense v. Left/Right (1 Hand)

Bearhug Behind Arms Caught

Bearhug Behind Arms Caught (Remove Arms)


Grps 3, Padholder, Defender, Attacker. Defender neutral, eyes closed. Padholder cues by pushing defender back toward attacker with pad. Attacker applies Bearhug. If possible, defender should remove hands and begin sending strikes to pad while attacker pulls giving resistance. If defender cannot remove hands, perform bearhug defense then all out strikes to pad. Regardless padholder cues to RESET!




Grps 2. Sparring Gear On. One person in mount. On “BEGIN!”, person on top begins sending strikes, person on bottom covers/absorbs. On “GO!” person on bottom performs trap, buck and roll. Once in guard, person on top begins sending strikes as person on bottom absorbs. On “GO!” person on bottom kicks off from guard. Reset with each beginning in opposite starting positions.

2 Jumping Front Kicks

Jumping Round Kick

**For both kicks progress to starting from a kneeling position and getting to feet (stand or jump to) before performing the kick(s).

Gun Front Review

Gun Front - From Kneeling Position

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