KM Commercial Available Free!

Dear Krav Maga Alliance Affiliates & Instructors,

As some of you may know, the Alliance has produced its first commercial, and we are making it available to you!  You have three options for receiving the video files:

Option # 1 (FREE): includes video, but does NOT include voiceover, music, or ending graphics, so you can customize with your own material;

Option #2 (FREE): includes video, voice over, and music, but does NOT include final graphic or final v.o., so you can customize the final tag for yourself.

Option #3 ($250): our colleagues, Pixel Mobb, will take Option #2 and customize for you within 24 hours.  We strongly RECOMMEND this option, as we find Pixel Mobb to be fantastic to work with.  We do not make a commission if you use them. We just think they are good!

If you wish to use the commercial, the process is simple.

1. Email to request the commercial

2. We will email you an agreement to sign (there is NO cost for this; it is just an acknowledgement that this video is covered under your affiliation agreement, and that you have a right to use it only so long as you are an affiliate).

3. Return the signed agreement. We will then send you the appropriate file OR Pixel Mobb will contact you to customize your version.

We hope you find this commercial to be a helpful marketing tool!

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