Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Straight Punches
– discuss foot movement, power from pivoting
5 Straight Punches (left/right/left/right/left) moving forward as padholder moves back a little.
Round Kick
Add Right Round Kick to the combination above
Hammerfist Side
Choke from Behind

Headbutt Forward
Combo: Right/Left Hook/Headbutt
Choke 1-Hand (review) – focus on opposite side
Choke Side Ground – attacker on the left side

Focus Mitts – Right Cross/Liver Shot
Focus Mitts – Right Cross/Live Shot/Left Hook
Body Absorption – light work
Toe The Line! – stand across from partner, two lines, both attack with body shots; then move on to next person.
Gun Side Front of Arm – work both sides

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