Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Straight Punches
Hammerfist Forward
Drill: non-stop striking (hammerfist and straight punch) first standing; then on knees; then on back; then on knees; then standing
Drill: dog pile with pads on pads!
Ground – Back position
Ground – Front Kick
Ground – Round Kick
Ground – Get up

Thai Combo #6K – Right/Left Hook/Right Cross/Left Kick
Thai Combo#7K – Left Hook/Right Cross/Left Hook/Right Kick
Forward Roll (if experienced, work opposite side)
Back Fallbreak
Forward Roll/Back Fallbreak
Drill: pushed from behind; make Forward Roll/Back Fallbreak; kick pad, get up, strike until pad holder calls “time!”

Thai Combo #6K – Right/:eft Hook/Right Cross/Left Kick (experienced students work opposite stance)
Thai Combo #7K – Left Hook/Right Cross/Left Hook/Right Kick (experienced students work opposite stance)
Gun Side Behind Arm (both sides)
gun Side From of Arm (both sides)
Reaction Drill: eyes closed, gun placed in front of or behind arm, make redirection and control

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