Lesson Plans Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stance and Movement
– focus on lateral movement, include “step and pivot” if you know it
Drill – partner moves forward, defender steps and pivots to avoid
Straight Punches
Drill: defender makes Left/Right combo to pad; attacker then steps forward; defender steps and pivots to avoid
Hammerfist to the Side – follow up with straight punches and knees
Drill – Monkey in the Middle with hammerfist
360 – follow up with counters

Forward Roll
Fall Break
Forward Roll, Back Fall Break
Def. v. Front Kick (redirect)
Def. v. Front Kick (stopping)
Sparring — slow work, hands only; then include Front Kick to Groin

Side Kick
Jumping Side Kick
Gun Side Front of Arm
Gun Front, Pushing into Stomach
Gun Third Party – defender is perpendicular to line of fire (make technique similar to Gun Side Front of Arm)

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