Lesson Plans Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012

Straight Punches
Elbow #1
Combative Drill with all the above
Choke Front
Choke Side
Drill: groups of 3; non-stop combatives, then choke from the front or side; defender defends and returns to combatives

NOTE: be careful with Choke from the Front; the attacker should come at a small angle to avoid being struck by the defender, who is striking the pad. You might want the attacker to give a small push to “signal” the defender to stop striking, for safety reasons.

Def v. Front Kick to Groin
Def v. Low Round Kick (shin block)
Headlock from the Side
Barrier Drill: line up pad holders (5 rows of 2 pad holders); this is the barricade; on the far side of the barricade, station one person with shin guards and another with a small pad; the defender stands on the near side of the barricade with eyes closed; he is attacked with a headlock and must defend, then fight through the barricade; on the far side, he must defend 4 kicks (front or round kick), then strike the pad with 10 left/right combinations. Whew!

Jumping Side Kick
Headlock from the Side (Neck Break)
Gun from Behind
Drill: eyes closed, Headlock from the Side or Gun Behind

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