Lesson Plans Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Movement – pivot left and right
Palm Heel Strike
Combo: Right Palm Heel Strike/Right Elbow #1
Choke Front 1 hand (try both sides)
Ground – Side Kick
Ground – Get up from Side Position
Drill: start on ground; kick and get up; either make Choke Defense or strike target (palm heel strike/elbow)

Ground – Foot Grab
Ground – Foot Grab spinning inward
Ground – Foot Grab spinning outward
Ground – Side Control Position and Strikes
Ground – Side Control to Full Mount
Ground – Hip Escape from Side Control

Side Kick
Jumping Side Kick
Plucking/Rowing v. Side Kick
Redirect v. High Side Kick
Knife – Downward Stab v. Left-Handed Attacker

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