Lesson Plans Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Front Kick Vertical Target
Combo: Front Vertical Vertical Target/Knee
Choke from Behind with a Push
Resistance Drill: attacker makes Choke from Behind with a Push; defender defends; attacker steps away and throws a 360 attack; defender defends and continues with counterattacks

Focus Mitt combination: #3
Focus Mitt combination: Right Hook/Left Hook/Right Hook
Defense v. Hook Punch (extended)
Defending combinations of Straight Punches and Hook Punches
Reverse Headlock
Resistance Drill: attacker makes Reverse Headlock; defender defends; attacker breaks away and begins to throw punches SLOWLY; defender defends and counters

Thai Pads: 2 rounds of 2 minutes, basic combinations
One attack, one defend — single strikes (any punch, any kick)
One attack, one defend — combination of any two strikes
Knife Upward Stab
Knife Downward Stab
SLOW WORK — attacker with knife, using a combination of empty-hand strikes and knife attackers. FOR EXAMPLE: Front Kick/Upward Stab; Left Punch/Downward Stab; Left Punch/Upward Stab

Have the students start slowly, then pick up the speed as they become more comfortable.

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