Lesson Plans Wednesday March 27th

palm heel strikes
Level Practice – Pad holder start standing, instructor calls “down”, pad holder goes to knees, “down” pad holder to their back, “down” striker gets on their back, pad holder gets in the mount.
Basic takedown defense
spinning on the center line
headlock from behind
Drill: groups of 3, defender gives knees (uses takedown defense when attacker comes in) 2nd attacker comes in from behind and makes headlock from behind.

bearhug from the front, leverage on the neck
bearhug from behind, leverage on the finger
drill: Dark ally drill – have everyone close their eyes, go around and tap a few people on the shoulders, they are attackers. When you say go, everyone opens their eyes and wanders around the room, attackers attack. This means that because no one knows who else is an attacker, that attackers might get attacked. Once all attackers have been exposed, reset and pick new people.

Review all low kick defenses
Review all high round kick defenses
General def v. medium to high kicks
sliding def v. high round kicks
Drill: leg sparring

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