Lesson Plans Wednesday, June 12, 2012

Straight Punches
Punching from a Passive Stance – work on transitioning into regular stance AND also operating from an opposite stance for a moment; work punches and slight angles to the left and right.
Transition to Punching while holding objects (use pads). DON’T use the pads as weapons or shields yet.
Front Kick Vertical Target — include giving kicks while holding shields
Using objects as shields instead of 360
Using objects as shields while on the ground to defend punches or kicks
Get Up from Ground — try doing it while still holding the shield! (both hands go to ground, holding the shield)

Review Punches and Front Kick Vertical Target
A/B Drill — groups of 3; one in the middle, one pad holder with a tombstone pad, one with a kicking shield; instructor yells “A” and the person in the striker runs to punch; instructor yells “B” and the striker runs to kick. Make it exhausting!
Outside Defenses 1-5
Drill: groups of 3; person in the middle is in passive stance, attackers on either side make straight punches; the defender must defense using outside defenses and counterattack, then return to passive stance
Headlock from the Side
Drill: eyes closed; either Headlock from the Side OR defend a straight punch (after verbal warning) using Outside Defenses

Jumping Round Kick
Gun From Behind, Touching — work both directions

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