Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Straight Punches
Drill: Pad holder at one end of the room; striker throwing light punches for technique; at the instructor’s command, spring to the other end of the room, drop and do 5 push ups, then sprint back and punch at full speed! At the instructor’s command, return to slow work; do about three rounds for each person.
Hammerfist to the Side
Headlock from Behind (if review, practice the other side)
Drill: Eyes closed; headlock from behind or hammerfist to the side

General strikes to kicking shield: Straight Punches, Elbows, Front Kick to a Vertical Target, Knees
Drill: pad holder moves around, and striker follows; on command, the striker must burst in with combatives; striker continues combatives until told to disengage; then return to movement.
Ground: Trap and Roll
Ground: Side Elbow Escape (shrimping)
Ground: Guard Reversal
Drill: the defender is on top of a pad in full mount, throwing strikes; the attacker pushes them off the pad and gets into a full mount position; the striker must improve his position by make Trap and Roll, or by doing Side Elbow Escape. When make Side Elbow Escape, if the defender can move to half guard, we will consider that successful.

Thai Pads 3×3 minutes
Sparring, slow, open hands 3×2 minutes (wear shin guards)
Gun Behind, Touching — look over the right shoulder

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