Lesson Plans Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Straight Punches
Drill: Flurries of punches or knees on instructor’s command
Ground – Get Up
Drill: flurries of punches, on pad holder’s command, sit down quickly (no fall break); get up immediately, continue with knees; on pad holder’s command, return to punches, etc.
Advanced Technique: Knife – Downward Stab

Focus Mitt combination: Right/Left Hook/Right
Ground – Arm Bar (review from last week)
Ground – Guard Reversal
Inside Defenses with Counterattacks
Drill: groups of three; one person starts on the ground with attacker in guard; the defender must reversal positions and get up, then defend straight punches from a second attacker; if the defender does not get up in time, both attackers should pummel him (lightly) until he succeeds in getting up.

Gun from the Side, Front of Arm
Knife – Slash, side angles
Drill: mixed gun and knife from the sides

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