Lesson Plans Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This is a slightly different format, designed to introduce all the basic chokes.
Straight Punches (basic, quick lesson)
Front Kick (basic, quick lesson)
Knees (basic, quick lesson)
DEMO – all chokes very aggressively, with only brief explanation
Choke Principle – pluck
Have the students practice the pluck ONLY from the front, side and behind
Drill: eyes closed, feel the attack, make the plucking defense against any choke
Choke Front – add counter
Choke Side – add counter
Choke Behind – add counter
Drill: eyes closed, feel the attack, make the plucking defense and counter v. any choke
Drill: divide into two groups: one group, eyes closed; the other group walks around making any chokes lightly, the defenders defend. Then switch

Free work to warm up: straight punches, elbows, front kicks, etc.
Drill: partner moves around, presents target; striker must punch or kick non stop until pad holder calls time; then move around and repeat.
Forward Roll
Drill: eyes closed; partner pushes (lightly, to prevent neck injury) from behind with pad; defender makes forward roll and comes up facing the attacker; attacker presents pad for punches or kicks
Gun Front
Drill -as above, but attacker presents pad OR gun

Warm up punches and kicks
Tabata drill: 4 rounds 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest of punches; then 4 rounds of kicks
Gun Behind
Gun Behind Walking
Gun Behind Distance

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