Lesson Plans Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Straight Punches (quick review)

Front Kick (Groin)

Knee – with and without grab

Elbow #1

Combo: Front Kick/Knee/Elbow #1

Drill: eyes closed; light shove from the pad holder; defender opens eyes, judges the distance and height of the pad, and makes the appropriate strike

Choke From The Side



Focus Mitt Combo: Cross/Hook/Cross

Focus Mitt Combo: Hook/Cross/Hook (emphasize bursting forward for the first Hook)

Ground – Arm Bar (emphasize kicking away after the arm bar)

Choke From The Side On The Ground

Variation: on the ground, the attacker kneels on the right side of the defender and makes a punch; defender defends the punch using Inside Defense and makes an Arm Bar.



Gun Front

Gun Front 2 Handed Technique

Stress Drill: pushing, slapping, moving the gun around, defender must make either defense.

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