Lesson Plans Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Straight Punch
Straight Punch with Advance
Round Kick – try various angels: downward to leg, upward into body
Combo: Right Round Kick/Right Punch (focus on recovery after the kick)
Inside Defenses

Focus Mitt Combo: Left Hook/Right Straight/Left Hook/Right Knee — add sprawl to avoid takedown after knee
Inside Defenses (review)
Inside Defense v. Left/Right (lean back and trap
Advanced Technique: simple takedown OR double leg
Inside Defense v. Left/Right VARIATION (lean back, then burst in for takedown under the right punch)
Note: this isn’t in the official curriculum as a reaction to the left/right combination. However, if you want to get in close instead of punch, it can be effective!

Knife – upward stab
Knife – low straight stab (treat like upward stab)
Knife – straight stab (sternum/chest/face)

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