Lesson Plans Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fight Stance
Drill: Follow the Leader – add sprawl called out by instructor (be careful of headbutts!)
Self Defense Review — all techniques from Level 1 slow, then fast; review any techniques the students know, even if there are only two.
Drill – groups of three, non-stop self defense using known techniques; slow, and then fast
Ground – Side Position
Ground – Side Position Movement
Ground – Getting Up from Side Position
Drill: groups of 3; defender on ground against ONE attacker, moving around; on command, get up; BOTH attackers begin making non-stop self defense

Straight Punches: after warm up, 30 seconds non-stop punching with a 15 second break; 3 rounds
Defensive Front Kick
– follow up with more combatives
Bearhug from Behind, Arms Free
Bearhug from Behind, Arms Caught
Drill: eyes closed, either verbal signal or grab; Defensive Front Kick, Punches, or the appropriate bearhug

Long Gun – Live Side
Long Gun – Dead Side
Bayonet Stab – Live Side
Bayonet Stab -Dead Side (clothesline takedown)

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