Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Shadowboxing – give instructions for very new students
Ground – Get Up
Drill: shadowboxing; on instructor command, sit down (safely!), then get up and continue shadowboxing
Straight Punch
Elbow #3
Drill: eyes closed, partner either stands in front to hold for right straight punch OR stands behind to hold for Elbow #3. Partner gives a light push; defender opens eyes and makes the appropriate strike
Choke from Behind

Straight Punches and Elbow to pad
Drill: Belt Drill – 2 consecutive rounds with 30 second rest in between
Inside Defense (review)
360 Defense (review)
Drill: one attack, one defend, straight punches or 360 — emphasize the lower attacks during 360
Knife Stab Upward

Shadowboxing Opposite Stance
Open hand sparring, hands only, opposite stance
Stick – overhead defense
Drill: groups of three; the person in the middle does open-hand sparring with one opponent; at any time, the second attacker gives a verbal warning and attacks with the stick; the defender must defend the stick and then go back to fighting.
VARIATION: to add stress, after the defender makes the stick defense, the first attacker can charge forward; the defender must decide if he has time to make the stick disarm and use it, or abandon and go back to fighting.

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